Terms of Use

These General Terms and Conditions of Use provide for the use of the following sites:

  • gramkowsolutions.com

The websites, the brand and all accessory rights are the exclusive property of CA GRAMKOW COMÉRCIO EXTERIOR LTDA., a legal entity governed by private law, registered with the CNPJ/MF under no. 07.775.558/0001-98, established at Rua João Dietrich, nº 465, Bairro Costa e Silva, in the city of Joinville, State of Santa Catarina. The sites are directed to individuals, Brazilian or foreign, over 18 (eighteen) years of age. Access and/or registration takes place through the aforementioned websites. In order for visitors to access the websites, full and unrestricted acceptance of the Privacy Policy.

is essential.


Gramkow will process personal data, observing its privacy policy, duly published on the websites. The personal data provided by visitors to Gramkow are stored and used to:

  • Control your access to and participation in the websites and other interaction mechanisms;
  • Proceed with the delivery of any awards;
  • Share with partner companies, information about your profile and consumption habits, for the purpose of sending you targeted advertising offers that are of interest to you.
  • Customize the content of Gramkow websites to your preferences and data.

From the provision of data by the visitor, Gramkow may carry out its own processes to collect public data from the visitor for the purpose of complementing the profile, from social networks such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, among others. Gramkow may share personal data with:

  • Partner companies, for the purpose of analyzing the visitor's profile and forwarding targeted offers, according to their habits and customs.
  • Government entities, in compliance with the law or court orders.
  • In contracting a prize or experience that requires the name of the holder who is entitled to the usufruct;
  • Advertisers: You may from time to time directly receive advertisements, content and links displayed in a personalized way from Gramkow, according to your interests and behavior on our websites or other services with which you interact. For this purpose, data may be shared between Gramkow and the targeted advertising platform, mainly unique identifiers, IP addresses, cookies and other information collected from your browser, which can be used to measure the effectiveness of online advertising. You may opt-out of this advertising by contacting us at the following email address: [email protected].
  • Our Partners: It is possible to partner with other companies to perform work on our behalf, and to do so, there will be a need to share your personal data with them to provide products and services to you.
  • Statistics: The data stored by Gramkow may be used for statistical purposes (analytics). These data are grouped in order to provide a macro analysis of the scenario, and therefore, they do not seek to identify or make identifiable the holders of personal data, but only to better understand how they access Gramkow websites, with the purpose of to improve the provision of services and customize products more targeted to the interests of users.

Except for information that constitutes Gramkow's industrial or commercial secret, the visitor may, at any time, have access to their personal data processed by Gramkow on its websites, by contacting the following email address: [email protected].


The parties involved in the websites acknowledge that the “Gramkow” brand is the exclusive property of Gramkow.


The sites will work indefinitely, and Gramkow may deactivate them at any time. If Gramkow websites are closed, the personal data registered will be deleted from the database that we store as a backup.


This General Terms and Conditions of Use document will be effective as of March 26, 2021, and may be changed, suspended or canceled at any time and for any reason, upon communication to visitors to Gramkow's websites. All doubts and/or questions must be forwarded through the means of contact available on Gramkow's websites. This document is governed by the Brazilian Civil Code and other applicable Brazilian norms, and any conflict must be settled in the Judiciary of Jaraguá do Sul, State of Santa Catarina.