Animal-free product developments

We are pioneers in the consolidation and strengthening of plant-based products in Brazil. The knowledge acquired through years of experience facilitates the correct indication of ingredients and dosages.

Dairy Alternatives

Ingredients with color, flavor and texture similar to milk. For creating a complete solution, we suggest using our maltodextrin-free plant-based drinks, heat-resistant vegetable proteins with excellent taste, together with our fibers as texture agents.

Meat Alternatives

Complete solutions for meat analogues, ranging from minced meat to mortadella, and fish analogues. We have single ingredients for advanced projects, as well as complete blends for new developments, with perfect taste and texture.

Egg Alternatives

Functional egg replacement in sauces due to emulsifying properties of proteins and fibers. The functionality of these ingredients also contributes to the replacement in other products, such as in bakery applications.

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