Allergen Replacement

Our portfolio consists entirely of allergen-free ingredients, enabling their use in free-from projects. Gramkow has a strict quality control, guaranteeing the absence of allergens throughout the entire supply chain.

Gluten Free

All our products are gluten free and can therefore fit into any project with this demand. In addition, the GramFiber product line is ideal for improving gluten-free formulations, ensuring better structure and elasticity, especially in bakery.

Dairy Free

GramDrink can replace powdered milk in applications such as ice cream and chocolate, or to create a dairy analog. They are thermo-resistant ingredients, 100% soluble and with excellent taste, making them easy to apply.

Soy Free

Allergen-free plant proteins, of different sources, functionality and protein concentration, that can be used for replacing soy. Among the versions available, premium versions with excellent taste and functionality are the best indicated for the replacement.

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