Sugar and fat replacements

Liquid and powder solutions to help achieving partial or total replacement of sugar and fat in food and beverages, as well as to avoid F.O.P. labels.

Functional replacement of sugar

Solutions for improvement of mouthfeel, bulking, humectancy and softness. This product line is comparable to polyols, but with greater digestive tolerance, lower carbohydrate content and rich in fibers.

Sugar substitution

A line of organic syrups made from rice and cassava, that can easily replace HFCS, especially in bars, ice cream and desserts.

Sugar reduction

Cassava-based fibers Advanced Tapioca, produced in Brazil, that can replace sugar partially in different formulations, utilizing small dosages and without off-flavors.

Fat reduction

Advanced Tapioca fibers can reduce fat by up to 20%, thus optimizing the nutritional profile of the product without impacting its flavor and taste. There is also the possibility of cost reduction, especially in fillings and ice cream.

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