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Gramkow's portfolio is focused on ingredients and solutions for innovations. Exploring the clean label and plant-based market for 15 years, we have a team of experts ready to assist with product development challenges.

Nutritional and labeling improvements

Ingredients that help maintain a clean label formulation with nutritional and labeling benefits requested by consumers without impacting the flavor and texture profile of the final product.

Sugar and fat replacements

Liquid and powder solutions to help achieving partial or total replacement of sugar and fat in food and beverages, as well as to avoid F.O.P. labels.

Allergen Replacement

Our portfolio consists entirely of allergen-free ingredients, enabling their use in free-from projects. Gramkow has a strict quality control, guaranteeing the absence of allergens throughout the entire supply chain.

Natural and functional processing aids

Highly technological ingredients suitable to overcome process challenges and replace commonly used additives.

Animal-free product developments

We are pioneers in the consolidation and strengthening of plant-based products in Brazil. The knowledge acquired through years of experience facilitates the correct indic...

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